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Funny Never Fails

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Mom’s logic

Another entertaining experience at home.

Woke up this morning, washed up and raided the fridge to cure my morning hunger. Reached to the back to grab a box of leftovers from the night before and in the process knocked over a styrofoam cup of coffee grounds. It is now everywhere on everything, so I set the box down and started cleaning it up and to my surprise, I find another cup of this stuff followed by another and another. I came across several in the fridge and a few in the freezer. 

My dad later told me that my mother keeps cups of coffee grounds in the fridge to reduce odor. I do not know if this is scientifically proven but I am sure that some of the cups were quite old. In conclusion, I threw it all away and replaced it with a box of baking soda, now she is mad at me and says baking soda does not work…

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Back home

I have been home for 3 weeks now and I find my parents a little different than when I left them 3 years ago for college. So these past few weeks I have been redoing my room, out with the old stuff and in with the new and as I am getting ready to toss all the junk in the trash, my mom refuses and tells me to keep it in the garage. When I say junk, I am talking about old magazines, books, and other nick nacks that is of no use anymore but she still refuses it as trash. I came to realize that my mom is now a hoarder. 

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I have always slept on a twin size bed and never put much thought into the quality of the frame and mattress, it was always about price. But I now realize the significant difference and importance of a good size/quality bed. A quality bed greatly increases the overall quality if sleep one gets. This is a major factor in how you operate the following day, I feel as if every muscle in my body took a shot of caffeine and is ready to tackle the day.

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Post Graduation

Recently graduated, congratulations to me and made the long move back home. It has been 3 days now and I am still in the slow process of transitioning both mental and physical, getting used to the slower lifestyle and weather change. The feeling is bitter sweet at the moment, leaving behind freedom and independence in exchange for financial gain. We shall see how all this will work out.